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Posted on August 24, 2012


photo courtesy of VMAC & Cheese

Pinterest is becoming a new hub of social media.  Think, digital vision board and basically that’s what Pinterest is. While I still don’t have a really clear focus or idea on why I’m using the site, I do find it useful as articles and tips float around daily.  Today I came across a posting that led to a blog article on why bloggers should have a media kit and what should go into it. 

Bloggers are now considered as essential in reporting and promoting  just as much as regular media outlets. If you blog, receiving pitches from independent companies, individuals or even a person/company’s public relations rep is not a foreign occurrence. So course, having a media kit on hand seems brilliant for a blogger to have, especially those interested in attracting sponsored content.  The folks over at VMAC & Cheese have posted excellent points on how to keep a media kit simple and the must have details to include.

“These items are all going to be beneficial for growing blogs who are pitching larger brands or a very specific type of campaign/partnership. Providing extra information can tell the story of what your full reach is, and also highlight other areas that could be leveraged by an advertiser beyond a traditional (and frankly, in my opinion, ineffective) sidebar ad. For example, if your traffic is lower, but you had 10,000 Pinterest followers, that’s worth something to a brand that relies on visuals to sell its products (think home goods!). Leverage it! Know the value of the community you have built, and don’t give it away for free.”

Read more at  Blog Tip of the Day by VMAC and Cheese.

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