blackandmissing April 14, 2014

Cover Girl With Ambitious Reality Thinking

March 25, 2014


1146596_850111528347976_2063028679_n (1)

Once again I’m a cover girl. While on a weekend vacation I discovered that my Q&A with actress Sanaa Lathan is the latest cover feature for Monarch Magazine. This is my THIRD cover placement with them. I’m surprised because my talk with her was actually brief and mainly focused on her latest work, Repentance, a […]

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Hit The Stage: Calling Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Students and Education Activists

March 12, 2014



A windstorm has arrived. My lights are flickering. So I’m going to get this out as fast as possible. Says prayer: hang on electricity…hang on. I originally wanted to start this post with a statement like….receiving a quality education in America should not be so difficult, especially for the parents who have to do rocket […]

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Listen to Your Mother & My Inner Voice

February 18, 2014



A couple of weeks ago I went with a close friend of mine to audition for the show Listen To Your Mother (LTYM). It was a year ago when I heard of LTYM through the same friend when another friend of hers auditioned and was cast. LTYM is something like the Vagina Monologues with two […]

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She Scribes Writing Workshop

February 17, 2014


Lil One's Little Hands

Calling DC area girls from ages 12 to 18. Are you an aspiring writer? Do you crave the written word be it poetry, a work of journalism, creative fiction or blogging? Here is your chance to flex your writing muscles while learning a few techniques and receiving tips at the She Scribes writing workshop. Founded […]

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Lessons At 34

February 11, 2014


Mahoganie Jade Browne 2014

Here I am. Fresh off my 34th birthday. I have to say the weekend was filled with sleep (Dear God I needed that sleep) and good times! As usual I fretted over plans. There isn’t anything I want more for my birthday than to skate….no JET out of town, especially in the dead of the […]

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When The Teacher Flubs Black History You Go Rogue

February 4, 2014



Now that my daughter is getting older it looks like she is about to indulge in some fun school projects. Well ok…they seem fun to me because I’m a nerd. Honey! Don’t let it be an area or subject where I really fit in; then I’ll be SUPER NERD! My poor child. She’s going to […]

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