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July 6, 2014



I’m in the middle of another life transition. Guess who is a full time working girl now? Yep! Me. With the exception of those I told directly, some of you (in my beloved D.C.) know who I’m working for. If not, just keep watching. I’m not sure if a formal announcement will be made, but […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

May 27, 2014



I know. It’s a cliche’ excuse, but this time it’s me…or things around me that I can’t necessarily control.  May is usually a joyous month as there are back to back birthdays, my parents anniversary and if there is any one graduating, getting married… OH! not to mention Mother’s Day… May is exhausting, but satisfyingly […]

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April 22, 2014


One of my views on Solomons Island, MD

Spring break is over and I’m back to my duties. Before the break so much had taken place – my daughter’s roller skating birthday party, doing the PR thing, especially attending a Greek Easter Feast Press Preview for one of the company’s clients, my dad’s short stint back in the hospital, working while dealing with […]

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For EBONY.com: Discussing Human Trafficking

April 14, 2014



  Relisha Rudd has been on the hearts and minds of many.  While we all pray for her safe return, there are so many questions and even outrage as the public speculates the possibility of  Rudd made a victim of human trafficking. For my latest with EBONY.com I spoke with Derrica Wilson, co-founder and CEO […]

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Cover Girl With Ambitious Reality Thinking

March 25, 2014


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Once again I’m a cover girl. While on a weekend vacation I discovered that my Q&A with actress Sanaa Lathan is the latest cover feature for Monarch Magazine. This is my THIRD cover placement with them. I’m surprised because my talk with her was actually brief and mainly focused on her latest work, Repentance, a […]

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Hit The Stage: Calling Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Students and Education Activists

March 12, 2014



A windstorm has arrived. My lights are flickering. So I’m going to get this out as fast as possible. Says prayer: hang on electricity…hang on. I originally wanted to start this post with a statement like….receiving a quality education in America should not be so difficult, especially for the parents who have to do rocket […]

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